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By Melanie Padgett Powers | 04.25.2011

You can have fun coloring pictures of all the people you visit during your annual hemophilia treatment center checkup.

By Heather Boerner | 02.07.2011

When you have pets, taking care of them is also part of your life, just like taking care of your bleeding disorder.

By Heather Boerner | 10.14.2010

Your school nurse will know who to call or what to do to make sure your bump or bruise doesn’t turn into a big pain.

By Heather Boerner | 07.14.2010

Everybody is afraid of different things, even adults. Some people are afraid of spiders. Others are afraid of flying in a plane. But there are ways to deal with your fears.

By Melanie Padgett Powers | 04.21.2010

As you become good friends with another boy or girl, you may decide you want to tell your new friend about your bleeding disorder. It’s your decision who you tell and how much you want to talk about.

By Meredith Stanton | 04.20.2010

Just like at other camps, you can swim, canoe, hike and do arts and crafts or drama when you’re away at bleeding disorders camp.

By Meredith Stanton | 04.19.2010

For kids with bleeding disorders, swimming is also a great sport for your joints!

By Melanie Padgett Powers | 02.19.2010

Your mom’s tummy is getting bigger and bigger as a baby grows inside it. Maybe you’ve even felt the baby kick or push. Soon, you’re going to be a new big brother or big sister!

By Sarah Aldridge | 01.14.2010

You have to be careful to follow the rules when you go online or send a text message.

By Meredith Stanton | 01.14.2010

Ask your parents to stock up on good-to-eat and easy-to-prepare foods for these times.

By Meredith Stanton | 01.14.2010

It helps us recognize what might cause injury and lets us know when our bodies need extra care and rest.

By Meredith Stanton | 01.13.2010

There are plenty of ways for kids with bleeding disorders to help out.

By Meredith Stanton | 01.12.2010

It’s so important to take good care of your teeth now, so they can stay strong and healthy for a long time.

By Meredith Stanton | 01.07.2010

Knowing what some of these words are can help you when you talk to your teachers, friends or hemophilia treatment center staff about your bleeding disorder.

By Meredith Stanton | 01.05.2010

It’s almost that time again! The weather is getting warm, school is finishing up and summer fun is headed your way.

By Meredith Stanton | 01.04.2010

The doctor’s office or hemophilia treatment center (HTC) can be somewhere to meet friends and other kids like you. Best of all, it’s a place to help you feel better!

By Meredith Stanton | 12.30.2009

As a kid with hemophilia or von Willebrand disease, some of these healthy nutrients can also help your body feel better faster if you have a bleed or get sick.

By Meredith Stanton | 12.18.2009

Today, both the summer and winter Games are held every four years, in places all over the world like France, England, Japan and Australia.