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Avoid empty calories in beverages. Drink water instead of jumbo servings of soda, lattes or sugary juice.

Do you use cellphone or tablet apps to help manage your hemophilia?

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Inhibitor Education Summits provide hope.
Hemophilia-inspired clothing line garners national attention.
Shaping up without leaving home.


While at Washington Days this year, I met what I consider a unicorn. His name was Will. He was 28 and he had just recently become involved in the bleeding disorders community. It turns out his...
In spring, I started a new graduate school program. It was everything I hoped for and more. Along with interacting with the most supportive set of classmates, I also have professors who truly want...
I recently got back into the dating world—sort of. I decided to stick with online dating, even though I hate it. What I hate is that the social interactions that tell you whether you’re attracted to...

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