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Women's Bleeding Disorders

By Jovanka JoAnn Milivojevic | 11.17.2014

Women deal with their bruises and their children’s.

By Jovanka JoAnn Milivojevic | 09.01.2014

Dancing can be a safe, fun exercise.

By Sarah Aldridge | 05.23.2014

Recognizing symptoms and complications.

By Sarah Aldridge | 02.15.2014

How physical activity can ease pain.

By Leslie Quander Wooldridge | 01.30.2014

What women should know about side effects and best practices.

By Leslie Quander Wooldridge | 09.19.2013

Steps to take for a safe pregnancy and delivery.

By Kadesha Thomas | 07.11.2013

Women find that art helps them cope.

By Khalil Guliwala, WFH Communications | 06.28.2013

Outreach expanding worldwide to those with VWD.

By Leslie Quander Wooldridge | 04.11.2013

Bleeding disorders bring unique menstruation concerns.

By Beth Marshall | 04.11.2013

Social media campaign reaches undiagnosed women.

Screening and treatment can relieve symptoms
By Leslie Quander Wooldridge | 02.06.2013

Fibroids and endometriosis can worsen menstrual bleeding.

By Leslie Quander Wooldridge | 10.22.2012

Benefits for those with bleeding disorders and their families.

By Heather Boerner | 07.20.2012

Bleeding disorders camps welcome and nurture girls.

By Sarah Aldridge | 07.19.2012

Women push for mild hemophilia diagnosis.

By Marion A. Koerper, MD | 07.17.2012

Mild hemophilia diagnosis for women helps validate symptoms.

By Kadesha Thomas | 04.16.2012

Women with bleeding disorders have more to keep in mind, but symptoms are manageable.

By Melanie Padgett Powers | 02.09.2012

Regular Pap tests can help prevent cervical cancer

By Sarah Aldridge | 02.07.2012

Study suggests VWF requires acidic environment to finish development

Woman upset on bed with man's back turned away from her
By Melanie Padgett Powers | 10.24.2011

Because sexual problems are not often discussed in public, women with bleeding disorders can feel isolated and unsure where to turn.

Danielle Schwager at the 2010 World Hemophilia Congress
By Emily Wojcik | 04.25.2011

Susan Skinner Memorial Fund Scholarship winners Danielle Schwager and Mallory O’Connor attended the 2010 World Hemophilia Congress.