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Teens & Young Adults

By Leslie Quander Wooldridge | 04.18.2016

NHF’s National Youth Leadership Institute provides leadership training from the classroom to Capitol Hill.

By Grant Hiura | 02.12.2016

Young adults need to learn about, advocate for workplace rights.

By Sarah Aldridge, MS | 12.04.2015
By Leslie Quander Wooldridge | 11.18.2015

Three participants explain how the program impacted them.

By Leslie Quander Wooldridge | 08.04.2015

Seek out career mentors and network in your field.

By Beth Marshall | 04.28.2015

Young man studies abroad, competes in distance races.

By Matt McMillen | 04.28.2015

Making their mark at Washington Days.


Study found that gamers outperformed nongamers on a number of tasks.

By Leslie Quander Wooldridge | 01.30.2015

Leveraging resources, securing funds.

By Leslie Quander Wooldridge | 11.17.2014

Preparing your child to stay home alone.

By Nancy Mann Jackson | 11.15.2014

Chronic conditions require attention to mental health.

By Matt McMillen | 11.15.2014

Hemophilia shaped medical school students’ careers.

By Kadesha Thomas Smith | 11.15.2014

Apps are changing medical care.

By Sarah Aldridge, MS | 11.15.2014

Teen’s AIDS advocacy endures 30 years after his diagnosis.

By Margaret V. Ragni, MD, MPH | 11.15.2014

How this young man turned his own personal tragedy into a national movement for change.

Couple sitting on bench, dating.
By Leslie Quander Wooldridge | 09.01.2014

Deciding when—and how—to discuss your bleeding disorder.


Topamax approved to treat teens.

By Beth Marshall | 05.23.2014

Student with hemophilia, VWD helps break record.

By Sarah Aldridge | 02.15.2014

Hematologists now recommend some degree of bone-building physical activity for children.

By Beth Marshall | 09.19.2013

Summits offer opportunity for education and support.