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Teens & Young Adults

By Sarah Aldridge | 06.17.2013

How to enjoy body art without compromising your health.

By Sarah Aldridge | 06.10.2013

Prepare first and take precautions to protect your health.

By Matt McMillen | 02.06.2013

League play builds teamwork, friendships, fitness

Steps For Living
By January W. Payne | 02.06.2013

Steps for Living encourages sound money management.

Connect for Bleeding Disorders raises funds, awareness for bleeding disorders
By Beth Marshall | 10.22.2012

Connect for Bleeding Disorders raises funds, awareness for bleeding disorders community.

By January W. Payne | 07.20.2012

Self-infusion helps you manage your bleeding disorder.

By Beth Marshall | 07.19.2012

The deadline to apply is August 17.

By Laura Putre | 05.03.2012

Educate school staff on your child’s needs.

By Chris Blose | 04.13.2012

What to consider when starting treatment.

By Heather Boerner | 03.23.2012

A growing number of Boy Scouts have hemophilia and other chronic medical conditions.

By Shellie Terry Benson | 02.28.2012

These books shed new light on bleeding disorders.

By Heather Boerner | 02.09.2012

Learn how to protect your joints

By Melanie Padgett Powers | 02.09.2012

Regular Pap tests can help prevent cervical cancer

By Beth Marshall | 02.09.2012

UCF student plays wheelchair basketball in spite of his severe hemophilia A

By Melanie Padgett Powers | 02.09.2012

Don't let your child fall behind in school

By Sarah Aldridge | 02.07.2012

If you didn’t get a flu shot last fall, it’s not too late.

By Sarah Aldridge | 01.11.2012

When surgery to remove tonsils and/or adenoids disorder is recommended for children with a bleeding disorders, parents might not know what to expect. Learn from medical experts and parents who have been there.

Dealing With Braces and Wisdom Teeth With a Bleeding Disorder
By Eric Metcalf | 12.14.2011

Proper preparation can alleviate fears and complications from bleeding disorders.

By Melanie Padgett Powers | 09.15.2011

Children and adults with bleeding disorders can and should receive the recommended immunizations for their age group.

Home Sweet Dental Home sign
By Elizabeth Thompson Beckley and Melanie Padgett Powers | 09.06.2011

What you need to know about preventive dental care and treatment for people with bleeding disorders.