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Researcher Profiles

By Sarah Aldridge | 03.19.2014

Researcher treats pediatric patients with bleeding disorders or blood clots.

By Sarah Aldridge | 02.17.2014

Researcher’s inspiring mentors influenced her career.

By Sarah Aldridge | 09.16.2013

Researcher describes herself as a “people person” who was always interested in science.

By Sarah Aldridge | 07.01.2013

Researcher says fellowship allowed him to focus energy on hemophilia research.

By Sarah Aldridge | 05.15.2013

Researcher divides time between pediatric and young adult patients.

By Sarah Aldridge | 04.11.2013

Researcher always had interest in caring for children.

By Sarah Aldridge | 12.10.2012

Researcher's family physician encouraged him to pursue medicine.

By Sarah Aldridge | 11.14.2012

Researcher has known she wanted to be a doctor since kindergarten.

By Sarah Aldridge | 10.01.2012

Researcher's love for science and kids led to his career in medicine.

By Sarah Aldridge | 09.06.2012

Researcher’s family has three generations of physicians.

By Sarah Aldridge | 08.27.2012

Researcher's interest in hematology started during her residency.

By Sarah Aldridge | 07.19.2012

Researcher began her medical career in nursing.

By Sarah Aldridge | 06.05.2012

Researcher's exposure to medicine started through her physician father.

By Sarah Aldridge | 04.27.2012

Researcher splits her time between clinical research and patient care.

By Sarah Aldridge | 01.10.2011

Researcher used zebrafish to try to identify drugs for bleeding disorders. The fish undergo embryonic development similar to that of humans.

By Sarah Aldridge | 11.29.2010

Dr. Kempton's research focuses on inhibitor development in patients with mild to moderate hemophilia A.

By Sarah Aldridge | 09.30.2010

Dr. Pipe and his team are concerned about making factor VIII product more affordable for the hemophilia community.

By Sarah Aldridge | 09.20.2010

“We have a variety of clinical trials that our center participates in, including looking at prophylaxis in adults and new factor products.”

By Sarah Aldridge | 08.24.2010

Although gene therapy has slowed, Dr. Herzog has confidence in its eventual success. “I think it will be the choice of treatment in the future,” he says.

By Sarah Aldridge | 07.14.2010

Dr. Miao was interested in helping patients with hemophilia overcome the two main treatment challenges—obtaining enough factor protein and dealing with inhibitors.