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By Heather Boerner | 03.23.2012

A growing number of Boy Scouts have hemophilia and other chronic medical conditions.

By Sarah Aldridge | 03.16.2012

Ear tube surgery is a safe procedure for most children with bleeding disorders.

By Shellie Terry Benson | 02.28.2012

These books shed new light on bleeding disorders.

By Heather Boerner | 02.09.2012

Learn how to protect your joints

By Melanie Padgett Powers | 02.09.2012

Don't let your child fall behind in school

Grandparents with single mom and little boy
By Diane S. Standish, LSW | 10.24.2011

Single parents need to find ways to recharge their batteries.

Single dad with his son and father playing chess
By Kadesha Thomas | 10.24.2011

Single parents find support while raising children with bleeding disorders.

Cross in front of church stained glass window
By Sarah Aldridge | 09.28.2011

Spirituality helps people dealing with bleeding disorders find comfort, hope and peace in the midst of a chronic health condition.

Baby boy crawling
By Heather Boerner | 09.19.2011

More than 50% of couples in which one partner is HIV-positive want to have children. What are their family planning options?

Backpacks in school lockers
By Phyllis McIntosh | 08.21.2011

As a new school year begins, make sure school personnel know how to address the needs of your child’s bleeding disorder.

By Laura Putre | 07.25.2011

Learn how you can prepare your children to manage their bleeding disorder, beginning even when they're a toddler.

Boy dressed up for battle
By Sarah Aldridge | 07.25.2011

Although having a bleeding or clotting disorder can make a child a target, when it comes to bullying and mean girls, experts say anyone can be fair game.

Ryan and Kay Krivas
By Melanie Padgett Powers | 03.07.2011

Some parents in the bleeding disorders community must deal with additional medical and emotional challenges, because their children have a second diagnosis: a developmental disability or a neurobehavioral disorder such as autism or ADHD.

Teenage boy with hemophilia and depression
By Eric Metcalf | 02.07.2011

About 2 million kids and teenagers in the US who are 12 to 17 years old had at least one major depressive episode in the previous year.

Person meditating
By Heather Boerner | 02.01.2011

When you’re the primary caregiver for someone with a bleeding disorder, sometimes it seems like just one more thing will make you snap.

Refrigerator for storing hemophilia factor
By Martha Frase | 01.30.2011

Starting a home-care regimen for hemophilia and other bleeding disorders can be a life-changing experience for families. Here’s what you need to know about storing factor products properly.

Brothers running
By Lisette Hilton | 11.15.2010

A tangled web of emotions weaves its way through sibling relationships when one child has a chronic health condition and the other does not.

Boy screaming
By Heather Boerner | 07.14.2010

Shai had been anxious about needles before. But as his parents prepared to transition him away from his port, he began to hide his arms at infusion time.

By Elizabeth Fung, MSW, PhD | 07.14.2010

A child’s fear of and protest against the infusion process often create a stressful situation for himself and his parents, who can feel powerless.

Little girl with the flu
By Heather Wicks | 04.13.2010

Getting sick is a natural part of childhood, but when a child with hemophilia catches a nasty bug, parents need to take special precautions.