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By Leslie Quander Wooldridge | 04.28.2015

Parents and stepparents must prepare.


Study looks at part of the brain called insula.

By Kadesha Thomas Smith | 04.28.2015

Where kids and parents mix fun with learning.

By Amanda Swenson Turner | 04.28.2015

Encouraging a supportive environment.

By Leslie Quander Wooldridge | 11.17.2014

Preparing your child to stay home alone.

By Sarah Aldridge, MS | 11.15.2014

Teen’s AIDS advocacy endures 30 years after his diagnosis.

By Leslie Quander Wooldridge | 09.01.2014

Returning to work after having a child with a bleeding disorder.


Car crashes remain a leading cause of death among children.


Experts suggest setting usage time limits, restricting content.


CDC recommends everyone older than 6 months old get a flu shot.


How to incorporate healthy treats.

By Kadesha Thomas Smith | 02.15.2014

Helping families bridge the gap with key information.

By Beth Marshall | 09.19.2013

Anti-bullying mentoring club promotes respect and nonviolence.

By Beth Marshall | 09.19.2013

Summits offer opportunity for education and support.

By Kadesha Thomas Smith | 09.19.2013

NHF spokesperson Alex Borstein found success, levity in comedy.

By Sarah Aldridge | 07.10.2013

FDA warns of life-threatening reactions after tonsillectomy and/or adenoidectomy.

By Kadesha Thomas | 06.28.2013

Get the benefits of gym class while minimizing risk.

By Leslie Quander Wooldridge | 04.11.2013

Bleeding disorders bring unique menstruation concerns.

Parents of Newly Diagnosed Children Receive Help From Support Groups
By Sarah Aldridge | 04.11.2013

Programs offer the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills, empathy.

By Sarah Aldridge | 08.07.2012

ITI is similar to allergy desensitization.