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By Kadesha Thomas Smith | 09.01.2014

NHF helps patients navigate health insurance options.

By January W. Payne | 09.19.2013

Get your ducks in a row while ACA rollout continues.

By January W. Payne | 07.11.2013

Budgeting for increased healthcare costs.

Medicaid and Bleeding Disorders
By Kadesha Thomas Smith and Marla Feinstein | 04.11.2013

Individual states make the determination.

By Ruthlyn Noel, MPA | 10.22.2012

The Affordable Care Act’s impact.

By Rebecca Scherr | 07.17.2012

This stopgap measure is available until 2014.

By January W. Payne | 04.13.2012

Documents that give an overview of insurance benefits and healthcare costs coming soon.

By David Linney | 02.07.2012

Healthcare costs continue to increase faster than inflation

Pulse on the Road audience
By Melanie Padgett Powers | 10.17.2011

Hemophilia organizations, including NHF, hit the road to educate community about healthcare reform and health insurance issues.

By David Linney | 04.25.2011

Opponents of the law criticize its high cost and increased government involvement in healthcare.

A baby with hemophilia visiting the doctor with his mom
By David Linney | 02.07.2011

For parents of a child newly diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, medical costs and insurance coverage instantly become big concerns because of the high cost of clotting factor.

Woman reading bill
By David Linney | 11.08.2010

When your insurance coverage changes and you are forced to switch to a different homecare company, what should you do?

College student with parents
By David Linney | 10.14.2010

The legislation offers expanded insurance benefits and protections to members of the bleeding disorders community now and during the next year.

Healthcare reform
By David Linney | 09.23.2010

Some important provisions of the healthcare reform are now in effect, including elimination of pre-existing condition exclusions for children, and the ability for dependents to stay on their parents' plan up to age 26.

Three employees at table
By Beth Marshall | 07.14.2010

Social workers from hemophilia treatment centers had the opportunity to network, learn and exchange best practices at the National Hemophilia Foundation’s 5th Annual Social Work Symposium in Dallas.

Capitol Hill
By David Linney | 02.23.2010

Once a lifetime limit is “used up,” an insurance plan is almost always terminated. No one wants that.

By David Linney | 02.22.2010

If your health insurance plan has a lifetime limit, when you reach your cap, your insurance coverage ends.

Using a calculator to add up medical expenses
By David Linney | 01.29.2010

We are facing tough economic times. Job loss has resulted in large income losses for many people.

Young man with hemophilia
By Rebecca A. Clay | 01.17.2010

Patient assistance programs provide a helping hand.

Young man with hemophilia
By David Linney | 01.15.2010

If you become disabled and cannot work, you will likely need replacement income to support yourself and your family.