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Hepatitis C


Human pegivirus 2 linked to HCV.

By Sarah M. Aldridge, MS | 02.12.2016

New bleeding disorder treatments show promise.

By SARAH M. ALDRIDGE, MS | 08.10.2015

Tomó 10 años para que la tasa de curación del virus de la hepatitis C (VHC) sobrepasara el 50%. Pero solo tomó dos años adicionales para que la tasa subiera drásticamente a 95% e incluso 100%.

By Sarah M. Aldridge, MS | 08.04.2015

Details on drug interactions and possible new treatments.

By Sarah M. Aldridge, MS | 04.28.2015

New oral drugs close in on a cure.

By Sarah Aldridge | 05.19.2014

Oral drugs are on the horizon.

By Sarah Aldridge | 05.19.2014

New scanning device may replace liver biopsy.

By Sarah Aldridge | 07.11.2013

Added diagnoses of HIV, hepatitis C can also cause bone loss.

By Sarah Aldridge | 10.22.2012

CDC urges baby boomer testing; new drugs in development.

By Sarah Aldridge | 04.13.2012

Boceprevir and telaprevir were approved for treatment of hepatitis C in May 2011.

By Dilip Moonka, MD | 04.13.2012

The release of two new oral medications marks another significant advance in the fight against hepatitis C.

Hands holding weekly pill container
By David Linney | 10.24.2011

Potential candidates for the new hepatitis C drugs will need to consider the drugs’ price, which will be added to the already steep cost of interferon and  ribavirin.

Liver image
By Bruce Goldfarb and Sarah Aldridge | 05.23.2011

The FDA approved telaprevir, a new hepatitis C drug, after recently approving another new drug, boceprevir. Both are protease inhibitors.

Brain fog
By Sarah Aldridge | 04.25.2011

For years, patients with hepatitis C have complained of loss of concentration, memory lapses and shortened attention span. Is there something to this?

Scientist at microscope
By Rebecca A. Clay | 02.07.2011

Activists call for people with bleeding disorders, who are typically excluded from clinical trials for hepatitis C, to be given emergency access to promising new drugs being studied.

Doctor talking to male patient
By Sarah Aldridge | 01.03.2011

Liver transplants can have good outcomes if patients know what to ask their hematologist, when to confer with a hepatologist and when to be listed in a national liver transplant database.

By Sarah Aldridge | 01.03.2011

Print out these simple steps to make sure you get evaluated in a timely manner and placed on a liver transplant list, if appropriate.

By Sarah Aldridge | 01.15.2010

For patients with hemophilia, the surgery is often complicated by hepatitis C and HIV.

By Molly Polen | 01.04.2010

Researchers found antibodies that neutralize various forms of HCV in mice.

By Sarah Aldridge | 01.04.2010

For people with hemophilia and hepatitis C, the question is whether new techniques are viable alternatives to liver biopsy, considered the gold standard for diagnosing the extent of liver disease.