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Hemophilia A&B

By Beth Marshall | 11.17.2014

Inhibitor Education Summits provide hope.

By Matt McMillen | 11.17.2014

Shaping up without leaving home.

By Sarah Aldridge, MS | 11.15.2014

Teen’s AIDS advocacy endures 30 years after his diagnosis.


More than 1,100 patients from 17 HTCs participated.

By Sarah Aldridge, MS | 09.01.2014

New factor IX product may stretch time between infusions.

By Kadesha Thomas Smith | 01.30.2014

Understanding their connection to bleeding disorders.


Program launches newly redesigned website.

By Sarah Aldridge | 09.19.2013

Hemophilia gene therapy trials start delivering the goods.

By Kadesha Thomas Smith | 09.19.2013

NHF spokesperson Alex Borstein found success, levity in comedy.

By Emily Wojcik | 08.28.2013

A Q&A with NIH’s W. Keith Hoots, MD.

By Sarah Aldridge | 07.11.2013

Added diagnoses of HIV, hepatitis C can also cause bone loss.

By Heather Boerner | 07.11.2013

Joining forces in the bleeding disorders community.

By Michael Recht, MD, PhD | 07.10.2013

It’s an exciting time for bleeding disorders community.


Pilot sites approved and first patients enrolled.


My Life, Our Future aims to unlock hemophilia.

By Val D. Bias | 04.10.2013

Benefits of genotyping are both individual and communal.

By Katarina Grande | 03.29.2013

Researchers meet to share insight on bleeding disorders.

By Sarah Aldridge | 02.09.2012

More new drugs are in the pipeline now than in past decades

Dad and son sitting on a bench
By Laura Putre | 10.24.2011

Sometimes the guilt that comes with a bleeding disorder can be overwhelming, but there are ways to get off that guilt-filled path.

Liquid medicine in measuring spoon
By Sarah Aldridge | 10.24.2011

New recommendations announced for dosage devices for liquid medicine; infant acetaminophen restricted to one strength.