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By Mark W. Skinner, President, World Federation of Hemophilia USA | 05.19.2014

Bonding over blood and plasma products.

By Maria Carolina Arango, WFH Program Officer-Humanitarian Aid and NMO Accreditation | 02.15.2014

Helping patients worldwide since 1996.

By Jens C. Bungardt, WFH Congress & Meetings Director | 09.19.2013

Conference will feature cutting-edge content.

By Khalil Guliwala, WFH Communications | 06.28.2013

Outreach expanding worldwide to those with VWD.

By Sarah Ford, WFH communications manager | 04.11.2013

50 years of advancing treatment for all.

WHF's 50th anniversary video covers improved care efforts in West Africa
By Michelle Grady, WFH communications officer | 02.06.2013

First video covers improved care efforts in West Africa.

Lifting of travel ban opens the gates for HIV patients into the US
By Kadesha Thomas | 02.06.2013

Lifting of travel ban opens the gates for HIV patients into the US.

By Neil Frick | 02.05.2013

First Congress held in US in 20 years.

Cornerstone Initiative closes the healthcare gap in developing nations
By Antonio Almeida, World Federation of Hemophilia Programs Director | 10.22.2012

Cornerstone Initiative closes the healthcare gap in developing nations.

By Sarah Ford, World Federation of Hemophilia communications manager | 07.20.2012

Milestone will be recognized at 2012 World Congress.

By Sarah Aldridge | 07.16.2012

Meeting is largest international gathering of bleeding disorders community.

By Sarah Ford, World Federation of Hemophilia Communications Manager | 04.13.2012

HTCs in the US have been leaders in the WFH Treatment Center Twinning Program.

By Craig T. McEwen, WFH Congress and Meetings Director | 02.07.2012

City of Light to brighten WFH’s 50th anniversary at World Congress

Cecilia Wambui Mwangi and WFH officials
By Liane Cerminara, WFH Communications Manager | 10.24.2011

World Federation of Hemophilia reaches out to its most underrepresented area: Africa.

Russians with hemophilia hiking a mountain
By Liane Cerminara, WFH communications manager | 07.25.2011

When Yuri Zhulyov began his work with the bleeding disorders community in 1989, the number of people living with hemophilia in Russia was unknown.

Danielle Schwager at the 2010 World Hemophilia Congress
By Emily Wojcik | 04.25.2011

Susan Skinner Memorial Fund Scholarship winners Danielle Schwager and Mallory O’Connor attended the 2010 World Hemophilia Congress.

By Elizabeth Myles, WFH director of communications and public policy | 04.25.2011

The World Federation of Hemophilia is developing a program to facilitate international collaboration in research.

By Neil Frick, MS | 04.20.2011

The World Federation of Hemophilia held its first Global Research Forum in March to discuss how it can assist in bleeding disorders research around the world.

Red fountains in Bucharest
By Liane Cerminara, communications manager, World Federation of Hemophilia | 04.11.2011

Wear red? Chalk it on the sidewalk? Tweet it? How did you share your story and celebrate World Hemophilia Day on April 17?

Vaibhav Nehra and Paul Wilton, who have severe hemophilia A
By Sarah Ford | 02.07.2011

Vaibhav Nehra and Paul Wilton are determined to succeed, but they face obstacles that their classmates do not: They have severe hemophilia A.