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Fitness & Nutrition

By Matt McMillen | 07.15.2016

Ease discomfort and boost flexibility with this low-impact exercise


Government releases dietary recommendations.

Eggs are a common allergy
By Sarah M. Aldridge, MS | 05.03.2016

Food allergies are on the rise and it pays to know how to treat them.

By Joe Rizzo | 04.18.2016

Build strength, endurance and confidence with indoor rock climbing.


6 tips for avoiding supplement scams.

Person on scale
By Sarah M. Aldridge, MS | 02.24.2016

What can your BMI tell you about your health?

Bowl of vegetables
By Sarah M. Aldridge, MS | 02.18.2016

Ditch dieting, make changes for life

Packing healthy lunch
By Sarah M. Aldridge, MS | 02.18.2016
By Matt McMillen | 02.12.2016

Geocaching is an all-season activity for families.


Don’t let kids skip this vital meal.


Drinks can lead to hyperactivity, inattention.

Mother and child putting on bike helmets.
By Matt McMillen | 11.18.2015

Check with your health care provider first then get the right equipment.


Study shows link between poor sleep habits and declining health.


Tips to help your family avoid empty calories.

By Matt McMillen | 08.04.2015

You can try lap swimming or other exercises in the pool.


Don't wait until you’re thirsty to start drinking water.

By Matt McMillen | 05.12.2015

Using simple exercises to build muscle, burn calories.

By Beth Marshall | 04.28.2015

Young man studies abroad, competes in distance races.

By Sarah M. Aldridge, MS | 04.28.2015

Hydration helps prevent problems.


New website lists health consequences of excess dietary sugar.