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Fitness & Nutrition

By Matt McMillen | 09.19.2013

How to work with your HTC to create a plan that works for you.

By Matt McMillen | 07.11.2013

Popular game attracts both children and adults.

By Kadesha Thomas | 06.28.2013

Get the benefits of gym class while minimizing risk.

By Matt McMillen | 04.11.2013

Precautions for different surfaces.

By Matt McMillen | 02.06.2013

League play builds teamwork, friendships, fitness

Barry Haarde manages his bleeding disorder from coast to coast
By Beth Marshall | 02.06.2013

One man manages his bleeding disorder from coast to coast.

By Sarah Aldridge | 01.09.2013

How to make smart decisions while eating out.

By Rebecca Scherr | 11.14.2012

Land- and pool-based therapy for those with bleeding disorders.

By Matt McMillen | 10.22.2012

These tools help count calories, track activity level.

By Matt McMillen | 07.24.2012

Engaging in friendly competition.

By Rebecca A. Clay | 06.18.2012

Spending time outside is good for your mind and body.

By Matt McMillen | 04.16.2012

Latin dance craze is fun, yet easy on joints.

By Matt McMillen | 02.09.2012

Interval training strengthens your heart

By Heather Boerner | 02.09.2012

Learn how to protect your joints

By Beth Marshall | 02.09.2012

UCF student plays wheelchair basketball in spite of his severe hemophilia A

By Beth Marshall | 02.09.2012

2012 is fifth year of NHF’s Walk program

Vaughn Ripley
By Melanie Padgett Powers | 11.14.2011

Vaughn Ripley, who has hemophilia and HIV, aims run 100 triathlons.

Older man on treadmill
By Matt McMillen | 10.24.2011

Resolving to get fit in 2012? Knowing what you want out of a gym is an essential first step in picking the right one for you.

Man with hemophilia jumping rope
By Matt McMillen | 07.25.2011

Getting in shape doesn’t require expensive gear or the latest fad workout routine. All you really need is your own body.

Getting vitamin D on the beach
By Sarah Aldridge | 04.25.2011

For patients with hemophilia, learning about bone health now may help prevent osteoporosis and fractures later.