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Chapters in Action

By Kathryn Anne Stewart | 11.18.2015

The goal is to expand resources and education to chapters with little effort on the local front.

By Joe Kleiber | 05.19.2014

Exploring framework of the ACT Initiative.

By Beth Marshall | 02.15.2014

NHF grant helps chapter implement changes.


Hawaiian volcano offers exciting venue for fundraising.

By Beth Marshall | 07.11.2013

Triathlons raise funds for Mary M. Gooley Hemophilia Center.

By Beth Marshall | 04.11.2013

Social media campaign reaches undiagnosed women.

Cobb family helped start Alaska Hemophilia Association
By Beth Marshall | 02.06.2013

Cobb family helped start Alaska Hemophilia Association.

By Beth Marshall | 10.22.2012

Missouri mom was key in passage of a state bill.

By Beth Marshall | 07.19.2012

About 15 California social workers participated.

By Beth Marshall | 04.13.2012

The chapter’s fundraising goal this year is to make a net profit of $22,000.

By Beth Marshall | 02.09.2012

Their decades of combined experience will be missed

By Beth Marshall | 02.09.2012

2012 is fifth year of NHF’s Walk program

Maryland and Iowa NHF chapter logos
By Beth Marshall | 10.24.2011

NHF is pleased to announce that two local organizations have joined NHF as affiliated chapters: Hemophilia Foundation of Maryland (HFM) in Parkville and Hemophilia of Iowa in Cedar Falls.

By Emily Davis, MNM | 07.25.2011

Learn how chapters can build a social media presence.

NHF chapter logos
By Beth Marshall | 07.25.2011

The chapters will adopt the name, logo and brand of NHF, although they will retain their mission of providing services to their local constituents.

By Melanie Padgett Powers | 07.18.2011

Six NHF chapter volunteers were honored with Chapter Recognition Awards at the 2010 Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

Twitter logo
By Beth Marshall | 04.25.2011

The Hemophilia Foundation of Illinois has embraced social media, with a Hemophilia Walk Twitter account, a general Twitter account and pages on Facebook, Flickr and YouTube.

Jeanne White-Ginder at the Indiana Hemophilia Walk
By Beth Marshall | 02.07.2011

Jeanne White-Ginder, Ryan White’s mom, leads the Indiana Hemophilia Walk.

By Beth Marshall | 10.14.2010

Rick Springfield concert helps Central Ohio Chapter raise money for hemophilia.

Steve Kohrherr as Action Factor Man
By Beth Marshall | 07.14.2010

The Virginia Hemophilia Foundation develops an interactive play about hemophilia.