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By Jovanka JoAnn Milivojevic | 11.17.2014

Women deal with their bruises and their children’s.

By Sarah Aldridge | 07.19.2012

Women push for mild hemophilia diagnosis.

By Kadesha Thomas | 01.30.2012

When both of you have a bleeding disorder, the decision to have a baby is more complex. Here are some options.

Young woman who is a hemophilia carrier
By Heather Boerner | 10.24.2011

Identification and diagnosis of their hemophilia mutation can help women make better health decisions for themselves and their families.

Victory for Women logo
By Melanie Padgett Powers | 02.07.2011

Only when all women are aware of the symptoms of bleeding disorders can we achieve success—that’s the idea behind Victory for Women, NHF’s new women’s health and blood disorders initiative.

Two women
By Melanie Padgett Powers | 01.31.2011

A new surveillance project could lead to improved treatment and diagnosis of women and girls with bleeding disorders.

Mom with newborn with hemophilia
By Martha Frase | 07.14.2010

Pregnant women expecting a baby with hemophilia now have a stronger case for choosing a scheduled cesarean delivery rather than a vaginal birth.

Female carrier of hemophilia
By Martha J. Frase | 06.30.2010

Reproductive choices for hemophilia carriers

Pregnant woman with a bleeding disorder
By Rebecca A. Clay | 06.29.2010

When prenatal testing revealed that her first child would be a son with hemophilia, Amy was worried.

Parents and new baby
By Andra H. James, MD | 06.28.2010

Pregnancy and birth are often times of great joy, but they can also be times of anticipation and anxiety, especially among women with bleeding disorders.

Pregnant woman
By Molly Polen | 06.27.2010

For women with bleeding disorders (including carriers), pregnancy can be a time of heightened worry and confusion.

Researcher studying hemophilia
By Phyllis McIntosh | 06.26.2010

A simple factor level test could reveal if a woman is a carrier. If her factor levels are low, she carries the gene for hemophilia.

Hemophilia carrier in doctor's office
By Stephanie Stephens | 06.25.2010

Healthcare professionals are urged to pay closer attention to symptomatic carriers.

By Sarah Aldridge | 04.20.2010

Genotyping could become the catalyst for the National Hemophilia Foundation to fulfill its mission to find better treatments and cures for people with bleeding disorders.