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By Beth Marshall | 02.06.2013

NHF’s 64th Annual Meeting was held November 8 to 10 in Orlando.

By Neil Frick | 02.05.2013

First Congress held in US in 20 years.

By Beth Marshall | 01.14.2013

Summit for stakeholders produced recommendations for care.

Bleeding disorders community is starting to develop a larger Internet presence
By Kadesha Thomas | 10.22.2012

Bleeding disorders community developing larger Internet presence.

By Beth Marshall | 10.22.2012

Missouri mom was key in passage of a state bill.

Connect for Bleeding Disorders raises funds, awareness for bleeding disorders
By Beth Marshall | 10.22.2012

Connect for Bleeding Disorders raises funds, awareness for bleeding disorders community.

By Sarah Aldridge and Ellen Riker, NHF Washington Senior Policy Adviser | 10.22.2012

Senate Committee passes bill with funding for HTCs.

By Beth Marshall | 10.22.2012

Program growing at impressive rate.

By Sarah Aldridge | 10.22.2012

Novo Nordisk provided an educational grant.

By Beth Marshall | 07.19.2012

Magazine recognized for editorial and design excellence.

By Beth Marshall | 07.19.2012

Event raised more than $290,500 for NHF.

By Sarah Aldridge | 07.16.2012

Meeting is largest international gathering of bleeding disorders community.

By Beth Marshall | 04.13.2012

Members of the bleeding disorders community asked for support of the ACA and continued funding of HTCs.

By David Linney | 02.07.2012

Healthcare costs continue to increase faster than inflation

By Neil Frick, MS | 02.07.2012

NHF has been backing novel research ideas since 1972

By Rebecca A. Clay | 07.25.2011

Funding for the national network of hemophilia treatment centers could be on the chopping block.

Ronnie Nelson
By Rebecca Clay | 07.25.2011

Hemophilia treatment centers have become victims of their own success.

Woman working in lab
By Rebecca Clay | 07.05.2011

The bleeding disorders community is concerned about a potential FDA approval shortcut for biosimilars of factor products.

By David Linney | 04.25.2011

Opponents of the law criticize its high cost and increased government involvement in healthcare.

Ian Muir
By Sarah Aldridge | 03.25.2011

More than 200 people met with their senators and representatives to hammer home two main issues for the bleeding disorders community this year.