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By Beth Marshall | 01.14.2013

Summit for stakeholders produced recommendations for care.

Bleeding disorders community is starting to develop a larger Internet presence
By Kadesha Thomas | 10.22.2012

Bleeding disorders community developing larger Internet presence.

By Beth Marshall | 10.22.2012

Missouri mom was key in passage of a state bill.

Connect for Bleeding Disorders raises funds, awareness for bleeding disorders
By Beth Marshall | 10.22.2012

Connect for Bleeding Disorders raises funds, awareness for bleeding disorders community.

By Sarah Aldridge and Ellen Riker, NHF Washington Senior Policy Adviser | 10.22.2012

Senate Committee passes bill with funding for HTCs.

By Beth Marshall | 10.22.2012

Program growing at impressive rate.

By Sarah Aldridge | 10.22.2012

Novo Nordisk provided an educational grant.

By Beth Marshall | 07.19.2012

Magazine recognized for editorial and design excellence.

By Beth Marshall | 07.19.2012

Event raised more than $290,500 for NHF.

By Sarah Aldridge | 07.16.2012

Meeting is largest international gathering of bleeding disorders community.

By Beth Marshall | 04.13.2012

Members of the bleeding disorders community asked for support of the ACA and continued funding of HTCs.

By David Linney | 02.07.2012

Healthcare costs continue to increase faster than inflation

By Neil Frick, MS | 02.07.2012

NHF has been backing novel research ideas since 1972

By Rebecca A. Clay | 07.25.2011

Funding for the national network of hemophilia treatment centers could be on the chopping block.

Ronnie Nelson
By Rebecca Clay | 07.25.2011

Hemophilia treatment centers have become victims of their own success.

Woman working in lab
By Rebecca Clay | 07.05.2011

The bleeding disorders community is concerned about a potential FDA approval shortcut for biosimilars of factor products.

By David Linney | 04.25.2011

Opponents of the law criticize its high cost and increased government involvement in healthcare.

Ian Muir
By Sarah Aldridge | 03.25.2011

More than 200 people met with their senators and representatives to hammer home two main issues for the bleeding disorders community this year.

Actors Ezra Miller and Mark Feuerstein
By John Indence | 02.07.2011

Hemophilia and von Willebrand disease (VWD) are not well-known outside the bleeding disorders community. But thanks to the spotlight on these disorders from several media, film and television luminaries, that is changing.

Washington Days 2011 logo
By Beth Marshall | 02.07.2011

Washington Days was held February 16–18, 2011.