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Adults & Aging

By Matt McMillen | 11.17.2014

Shaping up without leaving home.

By Nancy Mann Jackson | 11.15.2014

Chronic conditions require attention to mental health.

By Kadesha Thomas Smith | 11.15.2014

Apps are changing medical care.

By Matt McMillen | 09.01.2014

Treating heart disease in people with bleeding disorders.

By Sarah Aldridge, MS | 05.19.2014

Protecting your body’s filtration station.


Know the warning signs.

By Sarah Aldridge | 07.11.2013

Added diagnoses of HIV, hepatitis C can also cause bone loss.

Computer program helps HIV patients improve brain function
By Sarah Aldridge | 04.10.2013

Study shows Improvement in over 90% of participants.

By Sarah Aldridge | 02.06.2013

Hemophilia not protective against heart disease.

By Sarah Aldridge | 10.22.2012

CDC urges baby boomer testing; new drugs in development.

By Sarah Aldridge | 07.17.2012

FDA revises cholesterol drug safety information.

By Sarah Aldridge | 07.17.2012

Some drugs increase the chance of falls.

By Shellie Terry Benson | 02.28.2012

These books shed new light on bleeding disorders.

By Melanie Padgett Powers | 02.09.2012

Regular Pap tests can help prevent cervical cancer

By Sarah Aldridge | 02.07.2012

If you didn’t get a flu shot last fall, it’s not too late.

By Melanie Padgett Powers | 09.15.2011

Children and adults with bleeding disorders can and should receive the recommended immunizations for their age group.

Medical ID for hemophilia
By Kadesha Thomas | 05.23.2011

NHF encourages everyone who has a bleeding disorder to wear some form of medical ID. Some consumers are demanding more flair than the plain metal bracelet.

Older man with hemophilia
By Sarah Aldridge | 04.25.2011

Growing older with hemophilia can feel less like the golden age and more like the rust years. As you age, it is important to advocate for yourself and access the resources at your HTC.

Grandpa with hemophilia with granddaughter
By Patrick F. Fogarty, MD | 04.25.2011

Men with hemophilia today are experiencing the joys—and the aches and pains—of a life lived into middle age and beyond.

By Elizabeth Thompson Beckley | 06.24.2010

As you prepare to travel for the holidays, here are some tips on traveling with hemophilia factor.