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Adults & Aging

By Leslie Quander Wooldridge | 07.15.2016

Preparing for your ongoing health and comfort

By Robin Ambrosino | 04.18.2016

Getting the right information is critical—no matter what your insurance plan.

By Nancy Mann Jackson | 02.12.2016

Opportunities to help exist inside, outside bleeding disorders community.

By Nancy Mann Jackson | 11.18.2015

Define your long-term goals and stick to a plan.

By Sarah M. Aldridge, MS | 04.28.2015

Age-appropriate cancer tests for men with hemophilia.


1 out of 5 American adults diagnosed with high cholesterol.


Dietary sodium can contribute to health conditions, especially high blood pressure.


Taking 6,000 steps a day prevented subjects from developing “functional limitations.”

By Sarah Aldridge, MS | 12.18.2014

American College of Gastroenterology recently released new guidelines for practitioners.

By Matt McMillen | 11.17.2014

Shaping up without leaving home.

By Nancy Mann Jackson | 11.15.2014

Chronic conditions require attention to mental health.

By Sarah Aldridge, MS | 11.15.2014

New product indication has benefits and barriers.

By Sarah Aldridge, MS | 11.15.2014

Advice to help keep joints moving.

By Kadesha Thomas Smith | 11.15.2014

Apps are changing medical care.


How the disease affects women.

By Matt McMillen | 09.01.2014

Treating heart disease in people with bleeding disorders.

By Sarah Aldridge, MS | 05.19.2014

Protecting your body’s filtration station.


Know the warning signs.

By Sarah Aldridge | 07.11.2013

Added diagnoses of HIV, hepatitis C can also cause bone loss.

Computer program helps HIV patients improve brain function
By Sarah Aldridge | 04.10.2013

Study shows Improvement in over 90% of participants.