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Fall 2010

Up Front

  • Woman smiling at camera

    When women ask their doctors about the cause and possible treatment for a heavy period, too many healthcare providers are quick to dismiss a bleeding disorder as a possible culprit.

To Your Health

  • Three women having coffee

    For some women with heavy menstrual bleeding, or menorrhagia, there is another option that can be considered before hysterectomy.

Financial Health

NHF in Action

  • Session at a hemophilia Inhibitor Education Summit

    The NHF Inhibitor Education Summits provided an opportunity to learn more about having hemophilia with an inhibitor—and to connect with people familiar with those challenges.

  • Blood donation

    The recommendations are intended to set standards of care for the treatment of hemophilia and von Willebrand disease, and to set guidelines for blood safety.

  • Rick Springfield concert helps Central Ohio Chapter raise money for hemophilia.

Global Focus

  • People walking on street in China

    “The launch of the GAP project is good news that without doubt brings hope to tens of thousands of people with hemophilia living in China.”


  • Person meditating

    When you’re the primary caregiver for someone with a bleeding disorder, sometimes it seems like just one more thing will make you snap.

  • Doreen McCarthy and her son, Jamie

    Connie McMullan remembers a daughter's life and death from complications of von Willebrand disease.

On the Move

  • A couple dancing

    Dancing can increase your endurance and energy levels, improve your strength and coordination, and tone your muscles.

Hemaware Jr.

  • Illustration of boy and school nurse

    Your school nurse will know who to call or what to do to make sure your bump or bruise doesn’t turn into a big pain.

Women's Health

  • Victory for Women logo

    Only when all women are aware of the symptoms of bleeding disorders can we achieve success—that’s the idea behind Victory for Women, NHF’s new women’s health and blood disorders initiative.


  • Robert and Michah Champagne and C.J. Wilson

    The creator of a hemophilia foundation, Texas Rangers C.J. Wilson, pitched in the World Series this year. Congratulations on a great year, C.J.