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Going on vacation? Program the phone numbers and addresses of the local hospital and HTC into your family’s cell phones.

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Finding the location of FVIII may lead to more targeted gene delivery.
Surprising discovery: All patients are at risk for an inhibitor.
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I have one particularly well-meaning friend who whenever complaining about her own kids' woes, inserts the disclaimer: "I know it's not anything compared to what you went through with Rose, but..."...
“MedicAlerts® are the ultimate fashion accessory,” said no one ever.Wearing your heart on your sleeve, or your medical history on your wrist, may not be on the top of your couture list. But for those...
I gained 60 pounds with my first pregnancy. Steaks, whole milk and ice cream were my new BFFs and on May 15, 1997, I gave birth to a beautiful 8lb-1oz perfect baby girl named Rose. If I had only...

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