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Avoid empty calories in beverages. Drink water instead of jumbo servings of soda, lattes or sugary juice.

Do you use cellphone or tablet apps to help manage your hemophilia?
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You can try lap swimming or other exercises in the pool.
Tips for establishing relationships at your child’s school.
Exposure to peanuts could help prevent reactions.


Where does guilt and shame stem from? Is this something we learn in our childhood? I had a great childhood despite dealing with doctor visits and many days spent in bed watching cartoons trying to...
Hospitalizations are rough. I just got out from spending about 12 days in the hospital. It disconnects you from friends, family and the outside world. Instead of dealing with physicians who know you...
In the wake of the inaccurate information about hemophilia in the March 15 episode of the ABC television show Secrets and Lies, I’ve been contacted by multiple members of our community about this...

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